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AOPA PILOT - October 2012


Perfect landing

by Alton K. Marsh


How about a nice 1,124-hour flight that goes anywhere you want, as long as you stay within fuel range of Yuma, Arizona? That's what Bob Woodhouse and Woody Jongeward did...

General Aviation News - 3 November 2006


What if my plane is filled with the wrong fuel?

by Ben Visser


Ray Woodmansee from Porterville, Calif., has a problem. His Cessna 195 was accidentally fueled with a mixture of 100LL and ethanol-containing auto gas...

General Aviation News - 16 December 2005


What is the shelf life of avgas?

by Ben Visser


Bill Albrecht, who has a heli-pad and hangar in his backyard, recently installed a 2,000-gallon avgas tank. His question: "What is the shelf life of avgas?"...

PILOT Proficiency - February 2002


AVGAS 1O1 - An Aviation Fuel Primer

by Dale Smith


It happens all too often: Some guy packs his family into a small plane and heads off on vacation, only to run out of gas and become the lead story on the nightly news. And every time...

FLYER - February 1998


Fuel for Thought


Running out of fuel is not only embarrassing, it is also potentially dangerous. Richard Boswell gives some advice to help you avoid the situation...

EAA The Spirit of Aviation - 20 May 1996

EAA Aviation Fuels and Auto Fuel STC Information


A question frequently asked is, "Is it all right to fuel my airplane using five gallon cans?" The answer is "yes," but you must know it is risky business...