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AOPA PILOT - October 2012


Perfect landing

by Alton K. Marsh


How about a nice 1,124-hour flight that goes anywhere you want, as long as you stay within fuel range of Yuma, Arizona? That's what Bob Woodhouse and Woody Jongeward did...

Aeromarkt - May 2011 No 268


Piston engine manufacturer Teledyne Continental sold to Chinese


Der Ausverkauf amerikani-scher Firmen aus dem Sektor der Allgemeinen Luftfahrt an neue Eigentiimer...

Airsport UK - 2011


Ethanol In Rotax Engines


For ROTAX aircraft engines different fuel types are available. See Operators Manual of the relevant engine...

Aviation News - March 2007


Eine teuflische Mischung (Devils mixture)

Autor: Heimo Kandler


Am 16.6.07, schon im Landeanflug auf Landshut, hat der Motor mit ,,blubblub" den Dienst quittiert. Bei einer Entfernung zum Platz...

KITPLANES - June 2006


Avgas 2020. The Future Fuel

by Paul Millner


When you mention avgas to a pilot in the current market environment, the most likely reaction will be, “Gee whiz, it’s expensive!” While that’s true, avgas is...

PILOT Proficiency - February 2002


AVGAS 1O1 - An Aviation Fuel Primer

by Dale Smith


It happens all too often: Some guy packs his family into a small plane and heads off on vacation, only to run out of gas and become the lead story on the nightly news. And every time...

FLYING - March 1998


Switch to JP-5 would be costly


Many pilots had heard of JP-5, but most knew little more than it was a military jet fuel specification used by the Navy. Most business jet engines are...

FLYING - March 1998


Left seat

by J. Mac McClellan


Avfuel outlook
Avfuel president Craig Sincock was by the other day to talk about aviation fuel, particularly for...