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InstrumentPilot - 88/2011


Falling oil pressure


It was one of those moments. I couldn't be surę, but it looked like the oil pressure gauge had dropped a needle's width sińce I last checked. It was also one of those moments...



Aviation Oil Elite Arrives:


Piston-Engine Oil outperforms older formulations in battling rust, wear and corrosion.

Owners and pilots of piston-engine aircraft in Europe are now in a position to choose a proven technology from ExxonMobil to...

FLYING - February 2001


Break-in oil


When Continental installed new IO-550 engines on my Baron, the experts at the factory service center in Fairhope. Alabama, offered me the choice of...

PRIVATE PILOT - November 2000


Joint Oil Analysis Program


Phillips 66 Company and Aviation Laboratories, Inc., are now offering a joint oil analysis program to encourage improved maintenance practices among aircraft owners. Phillips 66 will package...

FLYING - March 1998


Preservative fluid for stored engines


A new preservative oil from Shell Oil Products Company is designed to minimize the effects of humidity and to...